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Market Research

You can't find the solution until you understand the problem.

And that's why market research is essential to any business or organization. And yet a great deal of money is spent, and wasted, on research that doesn't achieve a specific objective. It might be interesting to know, but it's not useful to know.

There are two basic types of research: Qualitative and Quantitative. They work best as complements to each other but can be used in isolation as well. Within those two types are dozens of specific methodologies to consider. Pure Marketing will listen to what your real learning objectives are and then help you craft the most cost effective approach to achieving them. 

Image by Jason Goodman
Image by Jason Goodman


Qualitative just means talking face to face (often in Zoom these days) with real people about how they make decisions. Critically, this is where we try to understand the "why." No matter how nuanced a survey or quant study might be, you will not be able to understand the emotional underpinning of people's decision making. And this is where real insight begins.

Qualitative research, be it interviews, focus groups, or ethnography is always a great foundational start to any research effort. Without it, it can be difficult to even know what questions to ask in a quantitative study.


While not always the case, quant is a great second step to take hypotheses developed during qualitative and put them to the test against statistically robust sample populations. This is how we prove the case and show The Board that our strategy, new design, or concept is the right one. There are many methodologies to consider such as customer segmentation, concept tests, opinion surveys, etc., and many tools to field them with. Pure Marketing will help you find the right one for your objectives and budget.

Image by Lukas Blazek
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